"Bluto" was my Sikk UFO fat-tire cruiser.  I wanted a cool bike to ride to the bar ( 9/10ths of a mile down the street.)  I bought it new and after tuning the shifting and brakes in, I tore it apart.  Within a couple of weeks it was back together....

This bike was HUGE...4" wide 26" tires...and the tall apehangers...

The most noticeable change we made was the custom pinstriped flames & semi-gloss finish.  The bike came in flat black but after ALOT of polishing, it took on the new finish.

One of the more subtle features was the pinstriped rims with "racer" cut-through, a common trick on old race bikes so that the valve stem could be found quickly in the event of a flat.

The traditional Image Factory "Skull -n- Brush" logo...something we've painted on all our custom bikes (pedal- & gas-powered) since 97'

Here ya can the semi-gloss finish.  If you look closely, you can see the flames on each side mirror the flames on the other side of the top tube.

The fork was especially hard to pinstripe since it is a consistently round surface.

The bridge at the chainstays got some small dark grey details

The seatstays got small detail as well.  The chainguard was flamed on the outside AND the inside with purple.

The nickname came after my wife named her cruiser "Olive"....